About Us

The highest quality handmade Brixham chocolates at the lowest prices!

In Chocella’s world, chocolate isn’t a love, it’s our PASSION.

Chocella is named in tribute to Ella, the late mother of daughter Tracy. She writes ‘My story began as a small child standing by my mother’s knee watching her bake a delicious cake. The smell of those cakes is one of my

abiding, strongest memories’.

‘In the 1970s great chocolate was a luxury, so it sadly didn’t much factor into my mother’s cooking – but what she did teach me was that anything is possible, and it’s a lesson I’ve truly taken to heart. My love and enthusiasm for chocolate came after years of visiting many English and Belgian coffee and confectionery houses’.

‘We’ve developed a range of delicious products for you to try and take away in Ella’s Chocolate Emporium in Brixham, Devon. We love chocolate so much we try to include it in just about everything we do, from cakes, drinks, our popular Chocolate Soup and a beautiful range of hand crafted chocolates and truffles’

Expect to see, find and taste magic in the Emporium on Fore Street in the town centre.   

The team works hard to ensure you have a chocolate experience like no other. Try them today if you have not already. They also make a big effort to involve and embrace their wonderful town in everything they do whether serving customers beautifully or training their local team in helping them to serve you. 

If you haven’t yet visited Brixham, it is a fabulous fishing village in Torbay on the English Riviera. It is famed for landing some of the finest fish in the UK and is the largest port in England. It is quite a magical place. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but it has a mystery and depth to it which belies it’s size. Although it only has a population of around 17,000, around three quarters of a million people visit it annually. 

Chocolate is our world and we welcome you into our Emporium to try it for yourself.  

With love

Tracy and Iain